Integrated operating room

The integrated operating room is an ergonomic solution for the comfortable work of surgeons and operating teams, created to improve the efficiency of operating rooms and for the safety of doctors and patients


Management of medical and engineering equipment with a single interface


Providing the operating room with all modern communication tools


Documenting all surgical processes and creating a comprehensive archive of surgeries


Scheduling the utilization of operating rooms


  • Video management: distributing video streams across monitors in the operating room for a comfortable workflow
  • Quick access to patient data: diagnostics, patient history, electronic medical records
  • Timers and stopwatches with video recording of starts and stops
  • Rewind for viewing previous frames without interrupting the current recording
  • Capturing snapshots and short video clips for quick export of key moments
  • Intuitive gesture control, taking into account glove use
  • Creating markers for labeling stages and events

Continuous recording of video sources

Registration of all data available during the operation
Continuous recording of video sources

Сentral archive of surgeries

  • Secure access to records from a browser
  • Live broadcasts from operating rooms in real-time
  • Direct export from the hospital's secure local network to the cloud service Medikt
  • Synchronous playback of up to 4 video sources
  • Operation editor before sending
  • Integration with HIS and PACS


  • Live surgery: stream operations in real-time
  • Participants have access to videos from all integrated sources, enhancing the perception of being present in the OR
  • Two-way video communication with the OR for immediate consultations
  • Secure external links allow for the invitation of participants from any location
  • Recording of conference sessions for further analysis and education


Scheduling tools are customized to align with the operating unit's workflows, offering seamless HIS integration for streamlined scheduling and resource management


Displaying the progress of surgeries for the current day on a smart online information board with forecasting shifts of planned operations. This ensures medical staff are continually updated on the day's events, allowing for more efficient time management.

Reviews of doctors

Deputy Director for Surgical Care of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology", cardiosurgeon, MD, Professor, Minsk
This equipment contributes to the fact that a doctor abroad can immediately receive all information about a patient who is on our operating table, and adequately assess the course of the operation, risks, suggest some innovations, ways out of difficult situations. And we can immediately bring them to life...
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Chief urologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia
Big data, our Russian big data is the most important thing we have. We can't lose it. All operations are recorded here, this is very important. You need to be able to work with this data…
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Chief Physician of St. Luke's Clinical Hospital
It took us a long time to choose a solution for integration of the operating rooms in our clinic and finally we opted for the products of a domestic manufacturer, Medical Visual Systems
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Deputy Chief Physician for the Medical Department of St. Luke's Clinical Hospital
The possibility of two—way video conferencing is a huge advantage. We can share our experience with colleagues right during the operation, while we do not involve third-party specialists and use standard hospital equipment…ems
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Deputy Chief Physician for Oncology, Clinical Hospital named after D. D. Pletnev, Moscow
Our hospital has an integrated operating room where the surgeon has everything at hand. We are very satisfied and grateful for all the work done!
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Everything is extremely functional, everything is logical, everything is well thought out – functionality that is used 100%. Ergonomics are amazing. I believe this should be promoted as the standard for the entire country. I'm absolutely thrilled!
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This is a European-level facility, all our wishes are taken into account. I am delighted with the high quality of the work carried out. It will be convenient for everyone to work here: medical staff, surgeons, support services, engineers, medical technicians...
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This is one of the best operating rooms I've been in in my life. Comfort and quality - 10 points out of 10!
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Oncologist, Head of the admission department of the N. P. Napalkov Cancer Center
Modern design! Modern operating room capabilities! This allows surgeons to operate more accurately. This reduces the amount of time spent during the operation...
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