smart operating room

A new stage in the development of integrated operating rooms

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Smart Operating room — this is a concept for the development of operating rooms for the effective use of modern surgical methods, combining innovative equipment management systems and intelligent services for timely assistance to doctors

Medical decision support systems

Clinically effective big data processing tools

Implementation of innovations
and modern techniques

Intelligent control
and monitoring systems

Innovation as a means of achieving results

The use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR), computer vision and robotic surgery requires compliance with the principle of proven effectiveness and safety.

Support for medical decision-making

  • Support services based on artificial intelligence
  • The necessary data in full is always at hand to make informed decisions in difficult conditions of limited time
  • Telemedicine technologies for consultations and prompt assistance of experienced colleagues

exceptional visualisation quality

4K and 3D images are becoming the standard of visualization in modern operating rooms. The high-resolution three-dimensional image provides high detail and depth perception of space, providing medical personnel with the most realistic visualization of surgical procedures.

Live Surgery

With the development of telemedicine technologies, the opportunities for the exchange of experience and training have reached a fundamentally new level. Doctors and students can virtually attend surgical operations of any complexity. Today, what is happening in the operating room can be observed from conference rooms during medical conferences, from home computers, and even from smartphone screens, wherever you are.

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big data

Big data is the basis for a technological breakthrough in medicine, without it it is impossible to develop either telemedicine or artificial intelligence. In the long term, medical big data can change the very paradigm of the system: help in the transition to personalized medicine, improve the quality of medical care and optimize costs.


Displaying the progress of operations for the current day on a smart online scoreboard with forecasting shifts of planned operations: medical personnel are always aware of current processes and can plan their time more efficiently


  • Built-in functionality for conferences and video calls
  • Creation of conferences from the operating room or from remote workplaces of doctors through the hospital platform
  • Organizing the video stream from the operating room to the conference room with a demonstration of all cameras or the selected source
  • Possibility of remote control of medical errors