Full cycle of Development and Production

Medical Visual Systems has created its own scientific and production base and combined the best experience in implementing high technologies and advanced knowledge in innovation to create its own production.


MVS has organized a multi-stage cycle of the process of creating new products, including the development of software and hardware. The software is the most important component, the core of the MVS complexes and is included in the state register of Russian software. The IT department has 25+ specialists. The open architecture and cross-platform nature of the complex allows the integration of medical equipment and information systems from third-party manufacturers.


At the survey stage, we collect all the requirements and wishes of the Customer for the content and functionality of future operating rooms into a single picture, form a budget and a project for passing the examination. At the request of the Customer we can make a detailed visualization in 3D.


The design includes a detailed study of the project using modern computer-aided design (CAD) systems. The MVS team, which includes design engineers, designers, architects and project managers, prepares project documentation. On complex projects, we work together with other developers on BIM technology.


The MVS design department develops a set of design and technical documentation, including connection diagrams, assembly drawings for all components, schematic diagrams of products, as well as specifications of the necessary equipment to ensure the capabilities of the MVS complex in accordance with Customer requirements.


It is a serial multi-stage production of over 200 sets per year. MVS production facilities are located in St. Petersburg and amount to more than 2000 sq.m. The company maintains stocks of semi-finished products and components, which allows you to fulfill urgent orders in the shortest possible time (up to 2 months).


During the production process, products undergo multi-level quality control and system operability testing on test benches.


Installation and commissioning are carried out by our own team, which has many years of experience working at facilities of various levels of complexity.


Upon completion of the facility, we provide training to medical personnel on the functionality of the MVS Integrated Operating Rooms. Subsequently, we provide client support with consultations and additional training programs if necessary. The package includes detailed user and administrator manuals.


Service support and warranty service of MVS complexes is carried out by the company's service staff and certified service centers of partners. A dedicated technical support line has been set up for customers.