Integrated MVS operating rooms will help you spend less time on equipment and focus on the most important thing – taking care of patients. A comprehensive solution will enable the introduction of advanced technologies and improve the efficiency of operating rooms.
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What challenges do doctors face?
Incompatible devices
A modern operating room involves many devices from different manufacturers using their own management and information exchange protocols
Data consolidation
The lack of systems for collecting and storing consolidated data on the course of operations negatively affects the safety of both the doctor and the patient
Information isolation
High standards of epidemiological and information security force the isolation of operating rooms from the rest of the hospital infrastructure
The risk of medical error
The lack of complete data about the patient during surgery significantly increases the likelihood of medical errors
Our solution
Creating optimal working conditions for surgeons and operating teams to improve the efficiency of operating rooms and for the safety of doctors and patients.
Management of medical and engineering equipment through a single interface
Providing the operating room with all modern means of communication with the outside world
Documenting all surgical processes and creating a video archive of operations
Planning the loading of operating rooms and scheduling

for clinics

The MVS Platform-based solution will preserve invaluable surgical experience and create a central archive of operations, and integration with HIS and PACS will unite the operating unit into a single information space of the clinic, which will provide the hospital with the necessary tools for quality management.
About MVS Platform
What challenges do clinics face?
Effective managment
Personnel workload management and prompt response to unforeseen incidents
Big Data
Analysis of the increasing volume of data required for effective treatment and medical and managerial
Introduction of innovations
Provision of operating rooms with high-tech equipment and implementation of the latest techniques
Our solution
Creation of a central archive of operations and telemedicine services for conferences, consultations and training sessions with the ability to connect to operating rooms from anywhere in the world.
Monitoring the workload of the staff
Effective dissemination of accumulated treatment experience
Monitoring of operational downtime
Integration of the operating unit into a single information space of the clinic

for a network
of clinics

Large medical organizations with a large branch network require a special digital infrastructure in order to collect big data, store it safely and distribute it. Digital data from operating rooms is very large and requires protection.

The combined use of MVS Platform and MIS services will provide the clinic administration with all the necessary tools for quality management.

About MVS Platform
Our solution
The management and processing of information from operating units, departments and clinics will allow them to be combined into a single structured archive and make this data available to doctors, students and patients in accordance with their rights, skill level and needs.
A single archive of operations for a network of clinics or a region
Big data analysis for making informed management and medical decisions
Application of end-to-end digital technologies
Implementation of telemedicine in operating rooms
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