MEDSI Multifunctional Medical Center

Quantity of MVS operation rooms


Year of commissioning


Planned and emergency operations are performed in the hospital using innovative medical equipment and the latest achievements.

8 operating centers are equipped with engineering network management systems of the Russian manufacturer — the company “Medical Imaging Systems” are part of the MVS Smart Operating System solution.

The MVS touch panels built into the wall allow you to centrally control temperature and humidity, medical gases, turn on and off lights, open and close doors.

MMC MEDSI has 8 operating rooms:

4th floor

  • operating room of general surgery, urology, traumatology and orthopedics with an area of 45.52 sq.m.;
  • operating room of otolaryngological and maxillofacial surgery with an area of 36.15 sq.m.

7th floor

  • integrated operating room for general surgery with an area of 42.34 sq.m.;
  • general-purpose integrated operating room for gynecology and urology with an area of 36 sq.m.;
  • orthopedic and traumatology operating room with an area of 42 sq.m.;
  • general-purpose operating room for otolaryngology and proctology with an area of 41.97 sq.m.;
  • hybrid operating room for cardiovascular surgery with Philips angiograph with an area of 66 sq.m.;
  • hybrid operating room for neurosurgery with an area of 68.43 sq.m.