The Center of emergency medical care at the St. Petersburg Institute of Emergency Medicine named after I. I. Janelidze

Quantity of MVS operation rooms


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The Dzhanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine is one of the leading multidisciplinary and therapeutic medical institutions in the Russian Federation, with 25 clinics. Provides highly qualified and specialized medical care: planned and emergency hospitalization, diagnosis and counseling for citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries.

The new high-tech operating unit of the Janelidze Ambulance Research Institute is equipped with MVS solutions and consists of 7 Smart Operating Rooms of different profiles, in which doctors can control medical equipment and engineering systems.

The MVS Smart Operating Room includes:

  • centralized management of medical equipment and engineering systems from a central panel;
  • a neurosurgical operating microscope is integrated as a video source;
  • video recording of operations for all connected sources;
  • central video archive of operations;
  • information board in the operating unit: time, temperature, timers, warning signs;
  • monitors with a schedule of operations and monitoring of the actual loading of operating rooms in a clean anteroom of the operating unit;
  • video streaming from the operating rooms to the hospital conference room;
  • MVS Hospital Platform software to support and optimize operating unit workflows.

The I.I. Janelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine is an authoritative scientific research medical center. Unique operations are carried out here, and about 150 research papers are published annually. The capabilities of the new operating rooms will both accelerate the study and introduction of advanced treatment methods into clinical practice within the institute itself, and scale the experience to other medical institutions.