At the end of 2022, Smart MVS Operating Rooms were installed in the working operating rooms of the hospital’s cardiac surgery center. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the MVS complex is integrated into existing old-style operating rooms. Sections of the cleanroom module (wall panel) with built-in monitors, information boards and outlet blocks were installed in the tiled walls of the two operating rooms of the cardiac surgery center and the MVS Platform software was installed.

This technological solution allowed the cardiac surgery center to receive all the advantages of an integrated operating room in a short time without significant investments.

How have the operational processes of surgical activity changed?

Умная операционная MVS в ЦВКГ им. А.А. Вишневского
The MVS Integrated Operating Room at the Federal State Budgetary Institution "NMIC VMT named after A.A. Vishnevsky" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Doctors began to record video operations on all connected sources: an image from the patient’s monitor of the anesthesiological stand, a video of the observation camera inside the operating room, an image from the frontal camera of the operating surgeon. The videos are stored in the archive of the center’s operations and serve as an excellent training base.

Thanks to the video management function, surgeons display images from video sources on a large viewing monitor in the wall during surgery. This allows residents to fully monitor the progress of the operation without entering the sterile area and without interfering with the work of the operating team. For example, you can display data from the patient’s monitor and video from the surgeon’s frontal camera in close-up.

With the help of MVS software, doctors were able to organize video conferences with the operating room. For example, this function is in demand in the resident’s room of the cardiac surgery center, when doctors observe the operation online, and are ready to connect and give advice at any time. It is important that videoconferences from the operating rooms can be organized anywhere in the world, because among the main tasks of the NMIC, in addition to directly providing medical care, is conducting telemedicine consultations with regional clinics, methodological and organizational support according to their profile.

Обзорный монитор MVS в операционной центра кардиохирургии в военно-клиническом госпитале им. А. А. Вишневского
MVS overview monitor in the operating room of the Cardiac Surgery Center at the Military Clinical Hospital named after A. A. Vishnevsky
Александр Николаевич Лищук, 
сердечно-сосудистый хирург, профессор, начальник центра кардиохирургии ФГБУ «НМИЦ ВМТ им. А.А. Вишневского» Минобороны России
Cardiovascular surgeon, Professor, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Center of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "NMRC WMT TSVKG named after A.A. Vishnevsky" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
The MVS system allows you to record all our manipulations, connections, anesthetic interventions, and the course of perfusion. As a result, after the end of the operation, we can analyze who worked how and who made mistakes, so that the whole team can work on the mistakes. Another opportunity that we have received is the organization of video conferences from the operating room for consultations with other doctors and clinics. In general, the use of MVS technologies allows us to improve the quality of all our heart interventions and share our experience

The center’s employees also have access to the function of planning operations and monitoring the actual workload of operating rooms. Through the web interface from the hospital’s work computer, you can plan a future operation and see which operations are currently taking place.

Access to the archive, where video recordings of operations on connected sources are stored, is also carried out through the MVS Platform services.

Видеоконференция с помощью MVS Platform в ФГБУ «НМИЦ ВМТ им. А. А. Вишневского» МО РФ
Videoconference using the MVS Platform at the Federal State Budgetary Institution "NMIC VMT named after A. A. Vishnevsky" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Юлия Щеглова, старший проектный менеджер кластера биомедицинских технологий Фонда «Сколково»
Senior Project Manager of the Biomedical Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation
Our resident's team has taken an important step by integrating a Smart Operating Room into the "walls" of the old-style operating room. Thus, they confirmed that the product is combined with the existing infrastructure of a medical organization and can significantly improve it. This removes the limitation on the scaling of the platform, which, taking into account the recently received investments, opens up new horizons for the company...
Кобец Андрей Сергеевич, генеральный директор ООО «Медицинские системы визуализации»
Andrey Sergeevich Kobets
General director of Medical Visual System
Retrofitting existing operating rooms without major repairs is the best way for the clinic to get all the benefits of a MVS Smart Operating Room, without significant investments and without interrupting operational processes. It can also become a kind of testing, product fitting before making a decision on the digitalization of surgical activities...