MVS now officially has the brand “Made in Russia”

For more than a year, MVS has been confirming compliance with the criteria of the “Made in Russia” voluntary certification system from accredited bodies that are partners of this program.

“Made in Russia” is a national brand and a quality mark of Russian products. The company gets the opportunity to declare itself as a reliable Russian manufacturer, which has innovative developments, has a unique and high-quality product, as well as great export potential. With such a focus on foreign markets, certified products will be promoted at international exhibitions, business missions and advertising and information projects. First of all, the most promising and priority areas are the CIS countries, as well as China and the Middle East.

Кирилл Запутряев, директор по развитию и учредитель MVS
Kirill Zaputryaev
Director of Development and Founder of Medical Visual Systems
The new status of MVS confirms the high quality and competitiveness of our products both in Russia and abroad. Export is one of the priorities for the company in terms of business development. We aim to expand our presence in other countries