The turquoise emoji pack from MVS is already on Telegram

Have you ever wondered why turquoise (blue-green) color is often used in medicine, for example, in doctors’ clothes?

The crystal white color can blind a surgeon for a moment if he turns his gaze from the dark color of blood to the robes of colleagues. We experience the same thing when we go outside on a sunny winter day and look at the snow.

Turquoise color stimulates the vigilance of doctors’ eyes and makes them more susceptible to shades of red. It embodies calmness, tranquility, regularity, reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety in patients.

But turquoise is not only used in medicine. In business, he represents the highest level of development of the company — “turquoise”. Now turquoise is a whole trend, elements of which are gradually being introduced by many companies around the world.

The MVS team decided to keep up with this trend and fill Telegram with beautiful healing turquoise colors. We have created an emoji pack with a lot of pictures that will help messenger users express their emotions.

The collection turned out to be incredibly cosmic. You can install the MVS branded emoji pack by following the link.

Бирюзовый эмодзи-пак от MVS в Telegram